Davood Vakilzadeh


Born 1959 in Torbat-e-jam, Iran


He is official member of the craft society of Iranian Graphic Designers and a member of the society of photographers found of Iran cultural heritage and tourism and member of the Iranian photographers association.


He has achieved the excellent degreee in shekasteh nasta' liq from the association of iranian Calligraphers.




- The Isolation calligraphy exhibition / by the title of " Desire of Union " / Mashad 1995


- The Isolation exhibition of the calligraphy work's by the title of " Worship of sun " / Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art 2005


- The Isolation Exhibition of natural and historical Building of Iran by the title of " My Iran From My View point " / Tehran 2006 - The Isolation calligraphy exhibition by the title of " Heaven Win " Tehran 2006


Published Books


First Collection Works 2005
Beliefs Of Collor & Pen 2006
Iran, Pristine Vision 2007
Persepolis, The Ancient Heritage 2007
Isfahan, Resplendence Of Beauty 2007
Iran, Resplendence Of Beauty 2007
Shiraz, Exhibition Of Mystery 2007
Persepolis, Heritage Of Civilization 2007
Iran, The Lord's Art Gallery 2008
Shiraz, The Museum Of Persian History 2008
Iran, My Inspiring Sun 2008
Persepolis, The Seat Of Persian Kings 2008
Kermanshah, The Ancient Land 2008
Yazd, The Gem Of Desert 2008
Isfahan, The Art Rainbow 2008
Shiraz, The Civilization Gateway 2008
Isfahan, The Land Of Thousand Patterns 2008
Iran, The Land Of Ahora 2008
West - Azerbaijan, Origin Of Civilization 2009
East - Azerbaijan, The Manifestation Of Civilization 2009
Iran, The Land Of Persians 2009
My Iran In My Eyes 2009
Yazd, Land Of Wind Towers 2009
Kermanshah, Temple Of Sun 2009
Gilan, The Land Of Rain 2009
Mazandaran, The Land of Paddy Farmers 2009